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Foster Youth

Transitions Collaborative

A California Partnership to Foster Promising Futures


our mission

We create transformative change for youth impacted by foster care.

FYTC’s promise is to more effectively meet the needs of transition age foster youth in San Diego County. By participating in the Successful Transition Program, foster youth ages 15 through 26 develop a personalized plan for the future that builds skills and community connections, ensuring that they have the resources they need to achieve their goals and well-being.

FYTC’s focus is on individual empowerment, earned trust, and consistent, proactive response to youth in need. We believe that every young person has the power to create his/her own success, and our individualized service views participants as our collaborative partners.

Intended Impacts

Finacial Security

Youth are able to define and are invested in their own self-sufficiency and path to success.


Supportive Relationships

Youth have a strong understanding of the importance of relationships and connections to achieving their personal and professional success.

Self Awareness

Youth have awareness of their strengths and put them to work to overcome obstacles and advance their goals.


The objective of FYTC is “simple and focused.”

FYTC is designed to bridge the gap between youth in care and youth in transition with a portable and evolving plan that is tied to resources and relationships after emancipation. FYTC’s innovative approach empowers youth, creates a shared roadmap to powerful outcomes, and welcomes young people into a community of support that provides a sense of belonging and permanence. This new “bridge” also coordinates the many possible resources, shared purpose, and clear measurable results that assist individual youth and provide data to improve resources for every youth who leaves the system.

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